College student, was into cosplay, now into out and out crossdressing

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I Caught Crossdressing

Really Bad? Ok, so as some of you might now, I've been jonesing for a chance to dress up lately.  The rents were at work, so I took time to get a bath, shave my legs, put on my makeup and my wig, and... [more]
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  • I Caught Crossdressing

    He Did It! So, I had thought my dad had downloaded pics of me dressed.  While he was out today, I found out he did in fact, download some of my pics off my computer and onto his.  I can't imagine what … [more]
  • I Caught Crossdressing

    Never Leave A Trail! It's not as bad/exciting as some of your stories, but recently my dad discovered how much i was into dressing. He knew i was into cos/crossplay, but i don't think he knew i was dressing so much … [more]
  • I Love Wearing Womens Clothes

    It Started Simple Enough When i was in high school, i got into anime and manga with my friends.  After a while, we started cosplaying (dressing up as characters, for those of you new to the scene).  That was fun, bu… [more]