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simple needs & desires, reveling in all things natural, communicating with all other species through various means & methods, & with energies & spiritual presences. I am funny, casual, rough & tender all at once. i know what i am dealing with from the first, but don't always reveal my conclusions. i smile, & do not judge.

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Favorite Quote Everybody is somebody's baby. We must see each other through a parent's loving eyes & with a parent's tender heart.
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Vices animals, UFOs, coffee & animals
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I Love to See Random Acts of Kindness

The Stranger In The Thrift Store In 1981, I was great with child & getting greater by the week. I didn't know I was toxemic, & i wondered why my white maternity uniforms required for my cosmetology classes hurt my skin to severe... [more]
  • I Was Blessed By Heaven With Two Daddies Who Loved Me

    Let's Celebrate Our Loving Parents' Lives With Happy Recollections & Lessons They Taught Us Well now, I was born to a young enlisted Navy sailor & my petite, beautiful mother. They already had my older brother, so they had a headstart on the ultimate 13 offspring they dreamed of raising toge… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I Refuse To Celebrate Damage Over Growth
    I was orphaned by my father when he died in the Navy when i was just a baby. Mom married a man later on who loved us, but had a severe drinking problem, beat my mother & upset the entire family with fighting & drunken brawls for years til he died in 83. During this time, my mother beat on me, emotionally abused all 7 of us resulting kids for many years, tried to kill herself numerous times. I had to clean up all the blood as a teen many times & accompany her in the ambulance so often i cant even remember a count anymore. At 17 she beat my 5 1/2 month pregnancy out of me too. I left home a week after getting out of the hospital. I wandered lost on the streets of Virginia Beach, not knowing h… [more]
  • con't Post 2

    Posted on: December 23rd, 2010 at 12:35AM

    These devotions around the dinner table began when i was 5 & my older brother was 7, & we were firmly ensconced in the routine of the devout Southern Baptist Church social & spiritual life as a family. By then my first younger sister had been born, & when i was 7, a baby brother had also been added to our growing numbers. When i was 9, another baby brother came, then 5 years later, another little sister.That was when the idyllic family life had dissolved & the devotional table overturned in favor of the old alcoholic love of my stepfather, which i had never remembered, i had been so young at the time, so the sudden ferocious violence between my parents was terrifying, to say the least. I was… [more]


  • The Brutal Blatant Vicious Truth

    Posted on: July 7th, 2010 at 2:01AM

    My mother is still alive (73) & very fragile. I would have benefited enormously decades ago if i had been free to reveal the horror of this life i was unfortunately born into, & express my confusion, rage, sadness, ferocity, distrust, compassion, terror, grief & self-doubt as i continued my hellish & exhausting journey in this particular lifetime. I gotta wonder what the hell i might have done in some other life to have deserved this heap of **** i was handed the day i was born 50-some odd years ago. Ok now,dont get the idea that i'm some depressive ol' hang-dog, slouching, defeated sadsack, always moping 'round & moaning about how bad i've always had it. To be honest, i was given an extre… [more]