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I author a blog about Life, People, their patterns of Behavior and how it affects their various Relationships. The address for it is
To date, I am read in Over Eighty countries by over sixty thousand people. Check it out, you may find truth with my simple and honest outlook on life...

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I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle

Just So Know Let me preface this... and EVERYTHING else, by saying "I don't care" "not even a little bit" Sorry! But I truly don't. Because it makes, incomplete sense to me. [more]
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  • I Am An Istp

    Deal With It What exactly do I mean? Well the I denotes Introverted The S stands for Sensing The T indicates Thinki… [more]
  • I Am a Complicated Person

    A Very Happy Belated Birthday Gift... I can't say I believe in Angels or Miracles but something brought me to where I met her It is a Bizarre feeling...sensing a haunting presence One that feels so … [more]
  • I Am Very Selective When It Comes to Letting People Get Close

    She Just Snuck Up On Me Like a new lust...she s l o w l y started out...smooth and silky, with ever so a subtle hint of sour cherry followed with a sophisticated spicy berry-esque draw...her effusive and fascinating b… [more]
  • I Am Very Selective When It Comes to Letting People Get Close

    Je Ne Regrette Rien Nobody has ever hurt me, not that i can recall. No one ever really made me feel betrayed either. I have never had my heart broken, how could I...I have never felt love, they way I would expect too..… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    There I was... ..No Glamorous place to be... Sitting on the Walmart Sh itter... When, out of nowhere...I Hear "Hello?" Still minding my own business...I Ignore it... But, He Said it Again... "Hello?" Now, it's getting Awkward... So I answer... "Yes, Hello?" He Responds... "How's it going?" Now, it's beginning to get bizarre and uncomfortable...but I don't want to be Johnny Rotten...So...I answer, "Fine Thanks, but I am preoccupied." Then he asks... "What's Ya doing?" As much as I don't want to continue this precarious conversation...I still have Manners, therefore I don't want to be, I answer... "Not Much Buddy, but listen...I'm just trying to take a S H I T!" Next thing I … [more]
  • Work Confessions

    A Friendly Confession
    God Dman it motherfucken dirt sucking scumsucking Bossshit material scumbag....what a Fukken piece of ****… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Overly Sensitive?
    I Used To think ...Believe... That I was overreacting. Over-thinking. Over-analyzing. Now...I Realize that I Was Just a NORMAL Reaction To this abnormal Amount of B*llsh*t's around us all... Some just deal with it much better thank you...… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    My confession to a goddess
    Born of sound mind, body and soul...with a fire drenched within My Sultry Inferno...I burn with a torrid desire...exhuming my passions from unreachable depths...flushed with sizzling steam...blazed by life's mercy...… [more]
  • I have a knack...

    Posted on: April 25th, 2012 at 4:53PM

    Call it one of my natural given gifts...if people listen to me, take my direction. I can help them transform themselves for the better...not only physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. When you look and feel healthy and strong...mood (emotions) are better, your outlook is optimistically clearer...everything just tastes better, even if it's not quite ideal. Fitness has many components (muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, Flexibility and body composition) that determine overall health and fitness. The key is to incorporate all facets of these components in order to optimize your health benefits. People to me are a blank canvas, in more then just th… [more]