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I Battle Depression

Scared I no longer live in fear. I've deleted my previous story as I'm no longer in that low place. Nothing is perfect and I still have some health and emotional issues but nothing whatsoever like I had... [more]
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    Makeup addiction
    My confession is not life altering like some I've read on here (unless I go bankrupt from spending too much money!)... I have an obsession with buying lots of cosmetics/makeup. High end and drug store brands, I own it all. I have tons of lipstick and so so much eyeshadow. I have so many products there are not enough days in the week to wear all of it. Many things I don't even get to because I'm always buying new products. I buy in stores, ebay, and from online beauty websites. I've never had this issue before with makeup. I went a few years without even wearing any after my third child/daughter was born.  Maybe I'm making up for lost time, lol.… [more]