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Hello I am Firthro. I am kind of a quiet person around people i do not know, but I am a bit crazy around my friends. I am always trying to better myself. I greatly enjoy helping people and being here for anyone when people need someone to talk to about anything. I am a very understanding person. I do not like passing judgments on people. I always try an look at every situation from different viewpoints. I always enjoy the chance to learn new things.

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Favorite Quote Joy multiplies when it is shared among friends, but grief diminishes with every division. That is life.
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I Trust My Intuition

I trust my intuition. I once just felt a horrible feeling out of no where one day, months ago. I just knew something bad was happening. Something I knew would hurt me. I found out months later that my... [more]
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  • I Will Add A Poem, A Quote, Or Something Else Everyday

    Quote "There is a wide world out there, my friend, full of pain, but filled with joy as well. The former keeps you on the path of growth, and the latter makes the journey tolerable. "… [more]
  • I Have Trust Issues

    My Trust Issues I just wanted to get this off my chest. I been having very bad trust issues and its beginning to be a problem. I find it hard trusting anyone with anything. If something needs to be done i have to see… [more]