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So, i haven't been on in forever and a day and i feel like ive been neglecting unnecessarily

Hia everyone out there on the internet! Im Alice Marilyn (last name i will refrain from telling you incase you are some freaky stalker who is trying to rape me). i really want to be a writer when i grow up. I have written a few books but im too freaked out to send them to any publishers or anything. anyways... as u can see, my life is pretty kick ***. wake up. school. home. homework. sleep.

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I Want To Stop The Slums In Mumbai

Slums In Mumbai There are 7 million people living in the slums of Mumbai... That is more people than those Living in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (all in NY) put together [more]
  • I Write Fanfiction

    Lord Of The Flies Fanfiction Lord of the Flies fanfiction - 5 years later Jack watched the garden outside. People were roaming around without purpose or desire. He looked at them, each person individually and smiled.… [more]
  • I Like Philosophy

    Philosophy Homework!!! Help!!!! ok, so these are my philosphy hw questions. feel free to help and stuff. u know, give me the answer, whatever. (250-400 words) How would you explain to a friend the meaning … [more]
  • I Am Frustrated

    Most Annoying Thing Evvvvaaa ok, so when i log onto EP, im all exited and like, yeah, awsome, someone sent me a message, yay, and it totally made my day and whatever, just to find out that it was EP telling me that it was blue ch… [more]
  • I Battle Depression and Anxiety

    What Now?? So, well, i guess i was about 14 yrs old when i started feeling down. I never thought of it as much, going to a crummy school, i wouldnt be surprised if most people there have depression. Regardless, … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    my procrastinating confession
    So, my confession. well, i feel pretty stupid thinking about it and typing it out. It's not some major thing like im being abused or something. It's something life changing and extremely stupid. Great. Now I'm procrastinating. Ok, so here it goes. Is it stupid to want to die, but not want to die? The only reason I want to die is because i want my parents to realize that im not a hormonal teenager (ok, maybe i am a bit), but i actually feel really upset most of the time, and now im used to it (used to feeling down) and whatever, and they automatically assume its over, that im feeling ok because i am acting slightly normal again, and smiling more than i used to. I thought covering it up would … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    dogs or cats
    ok, so i over-heard one of my friends (more of an aquaintance rather than friend) say that u either have to like cats or dogs. u cant like both or your just weird.i like both… [more]
  • um stressed as usual

    Posted on: June 4th, 2012 at 2:32AM

    Ok, well i dont know what day it is today. So i stopped blogging, whoops. Anyways, today i had english exam and elective history exam. that wasnt too bad. Most people flunked out in el. history. whatever, i think i went pretty well. english was ok, i guess. i thought it was easy at the time, but then so did everyone else. at least for el. history everyone found it hard while i found it easy-ish. so tomorrow i have science and aus. history. Im so screwed for science. at least i get a study period to cram in aus. history, but science is first up. im so dead. … [more]