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I Would Like to Know Why Someone Would Smack a Crying Child

Hint, Hint, Dad! I was probably six or seven and I was going to have a sleepover at the end of the week. My dad resided to not let me go so as many seven year old, I had a temper tantrum. I started crying and he hit... [more]
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  • I Am a Victim of Child Abuse

    The Day After Christmas This is from almost six years ago but I can't forget it. For those of you who don't know, I am Bipolar. Well, one day, I lost my container of meds. My mom also has Bipolar but she refuses to take medi… [more]
  • I Am a Victim of Child Abuse

    The Other Side After a while, I was used to be beaten by my Father, but sometimes my mom would too. She has Bipolar and skizaphrenia. This one time, I came home and she was sitting on the floor, grinning slightly an… [more]
  • I Am a Victim of Child Abuse

    Valentine'S Day So my bf and I are having a really hard time right now, since the 13 when we had a really bad fight so I have been staying at my parents house not that I want to but I'm still really upset at Trey so.… [more]
  • I Hate My Dad

    Hate Is A Strong Word But In My Case It Is Perfect Every since I can remember he has abused me and my mother. I won't let him hurt my sister's. He has emotionally destroyed me and my self confidence. He has beat me for hours, Sent me to the emergency … [more]