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Situation normal, all fucked-up. Worse today.

Fat, ugly, weird, and depressed. Oh, and I forgot broke.

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I Am Discordian

(v1.3.B - 8/4/13) In True Chaotic Fashion, This Story Will Come To Me In Bits And Pieces There is no Law but Finagle's Law, and Saint Heisenberg is its prophet. 1. Meet & Greet withThe Goddess Firstly let's talk a bit about semantics, and as an Erisian, I'm ALWAYS up... [more]
  • I Had a Heart Attack

    Technically, I Didn'T That's what the stupid-assed cardiologists say anyway. They say I had a "cardiac event". Let me describe my "cardiac event" to you. I had just gotten up from lying down, doing what I do with most o… [more]
  • I Would Like to Know What Song You Are Listening to Now

    Logon 6:42 AM PDT 8/5/13 Voodoo Child (Live) By Orianthi Not on any album (unfortunately). This is the stuff of hers that I was listening to (like her guitar duets with Santana, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, etc.) that I was looking for when I bought all three of h… [more]
  • I Want to Know Your Ultimate Mix-tape

    Well, This Is Hard... do with over 20,000 songs to choose from in my music library, and I have trouble with my playlist entitled "250", which are my current favorites (many of which change over time). So, assuming I… [more]
  • I Wtk What Song You Would Choose To Define Your Life So Far

    Darkness, Darkness Original by The Youngbloods, covers by Anne Wilson, Cowboy Junkies, & Robert Plant … [more]