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I Have a Confession

i am loving me some bruno mars! [more]
  • I Admire Wit and Intelligence

    True Beauty Is A Site To Behold . . . watch someone feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help the ill and down-trodden, lift up the weak, support the poor, comfort the motherless, this is to look upon beauty.… [more]
  • I Love the Way You Smell

    Bus Ride Home ... A very long time ago, when we were both young athletes, as we rode home in our school bus, you sat next to me. The guys team had played well and won. Girls had played hard but lost. I was never a … [more]
  • I Laugh Out Loud,even When Im On My Own

    What The Doctor Says .... Ten days ago I went to the Dr.  Seven years ago I was married.  Five years ago, my first son; two years later my second.  Late bloomer.  My life is so full and happy.  Since h… [more]
  • I Wytk That Your Arms Feel Like Home To Me

    Chubby Little Arms .. you made it all the way down the zip line and in your excitement you threw your arms around me. you climb all the way across the monkey bars and share your pride with a tight neck squeeze. more k… [more]