Female , 18-21

I try to be like someone I created,
believing if I created her,
than there must be something similar between us ;)<

I am a huuuge fan of Kimi Raikkonen as well as of Bruno Senna and Jolyon Palmer =o--o>
So I'm always rooting for them ;)

I love Formula 1, Finnish language, lasagne, Gummy Bears (and Snakes;)), violet colour, music, nights, South Britain accent, orange lipsticks, my diary called LouKimBook, giving names to things, autumn, rain, short skirts with colorful tights ;P, falling out with teachers, talking about death, driving a car (especially!)

I don't like beeing disrespected by ppl older than me, beeing misunderstood, spring, destroying gearbox in my mom's car (that happens all the time, but only to me!), waiting, moments when I realize that my Ipod's battery is dead, my pinkie-blondie-girly-girl-neighbour, regret.

I don't understand physics, ppl who cry after animals, how are my thoughts working (so please don't blame me for anything ;D).

I wish I met my favourite drivers in this life, and others in the afterlife.

I'm deficient cus I don't have a driving licence.

Feel free to message me (it's actually tax-free)^^

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  • a little Polish
  • and a little Latvian
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