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How To Drink Chinese Tea And How About The Culture Of Tea ? The Chinese Tea have several categories as Green Tea, Red Tea ( on international market be signed as Black Tea, in fact, it is not real, Black Tea is another Tea, very rarely, and very expensive... [more]
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    A Passage Of Chinese History <qing Dynasty> Qing Dynasty was a beginning of unifying Chinese mutinational country in 221 B.C (2721 years before). (Chinese calendar was different, we think 2500 years as A.D, and before 2500 years , we said B.C.… [more]
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    The Resession Of Zhou Dynasty, The Rising Of Qing Dynasty,Chinese history (1100 B.c To 771 B.c) Part 1 About Qing's ancestor ( tips: Qing, and Zhou was the name of Dynasty, not person's surname, and Qing emporer's surname was Ying, and Zhou emporer's surname was Ji , "fei zi" was second name,… [more]
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    Dragon Year Of 2012, Talking About The Definition Of Dragon This year is Dragon year. In ancient China, Dragon has a lot of individual meanings. China was a huge agriculture country. In past, farmer offering dragon for good harvests, Dragon belongs to … [more]
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    Moral And Christianism I am living in China, Wuhan city. Last 2 years I pay for English training centre and everyday I would see some foreigners who came from USA, sometimes we sit together and talked some topics, I had so… [more]