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I am fun energetic, sporty and up for a chat! :D

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I Cant Change the Past But I Can Change My Future

My Way Of Doing This I learnt my lesson when I was 9. It was like any other day and my older sister was baby sitting my brother, sisters and I while my mum and dad where at work. My sister told me to do my chores so I ran... [more]
  • I Love Kickboxing

    Three Months Through.. When I was younger my mums boyfriend got me into kickboxing and I loved it, after three months I got chosen to try out for the nz U18 kickboxing team. It was great and I went with the team to a place … [more]
  • I Am A Maori

    I Love Being Maori :) Im from nz and my dad is full maori, my mum is not she part Iris and part Dutch which is cool. I used to go to a maori school where we did everything normaly but we spoke Maori only. So I was pretty … [more]
  • I Hate Animal Cruelty

    Why? I want to know why people do things so bad to animals when they have usually done nothing wrong! All of the stories that come out about it just makes me sick listening to it! I hope no one that is rea… [more]
  • I Love My Fat Cat

    John My Cat Yes, his name is John which originated from Joh-Cena (the WWE wrestler). He was named that by my mums old friends kids (2 boys) who we got him off. He is fat and cudly and cute and energetic aswell! I… [more]