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I Had A Dream

I dreamt that I was running down a really steep hill. It was so steep it look physically impossible to be running down it but somehow I was running down it? I felt scared but glad at the same time... [more]
  • I Am Different

    I Realise That Everyone Is Special... Sometimes, I wish i was like the "everyone" that doesn't have to think so hard about being considerate and caring because it would mean I would perhaps get less hassle in the long run? Or maybe this i… [more]
  • I Love a Man That Does Not Deserve Me

    I Left Him Because I Deserve Better I should probably use the past tense as I am no longer with him and no longer feel the love I did for him. Things started out good and went to bad. I started to forget why I was in the relationship in… [more]
  • I Screwed Up

    Today I Suck At My Job... Why is it that when you plan so hard for something everything goes wrong? I got a big job and planned for weeks leading up to it and on the day I had a big argument with my bf and everything just didn… [more]
  • I Am Annoyed By Negative People

    Why Do Negative People Have To Spread Their Negativity? An old school friend contacted me to arrange meeting up. She keeps on pushing back dates saying she is busy, which is fine as i am busy too. The thing is...I am not interested in talking … [more]