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I need my life back........

I used to be Emo, I've stopped cutting but I still get temptations, when one thing goes right I end up screwing up

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Favorite Quote i like to stand in the rain so no one sees me cry
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I Am Sorry If I Hurt, Worry, Or Upset You

for the past month I've constantly wronged my girlfriend. I've hurt her and made her feel unloved. I love her with all my heart but she doesn't feel it. I'm not a good enough boyfriend I'm nor... [more]
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  • I Sleep On the Couch

    So my bed is a tad broken nd I'm still expected to sleep in it so I just tend to go downstairs nd sleep on the sofa. Plus surprisingly metronomes help me sleep. Dunno why but to me sofas have always b… [more]
  • I Almost Died

    Those nights where you stay up late trying to sleep but just end up thinking about life and stuff while staring at the ceiling thinking about every good and bad thing that happened and how it could've… [more]
  • I Remember A Past Death

    Never Forget : so I've had a bad last three years, it could be much worse but it affects me badly. My great granddad died 2years ago and I keep his memory alive by playing his favourite song on guitar once a weak,… [more]
  • I Have Cut Myself Before

    So its been about a year of little on nd off cutting. So my cuts weren't deep they never have been Cos I can't get deep so its never to serious but now I'm doing it again is it wrong that I enjoy it? … [more]