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Call me Em, Im tall w/ dazzeling blue eyes. Like a female andy six ;) haha

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I Have a Confession

im super confused about my life and where its headed [more]
  • I Want to Run Away

    Beaten And Scarred i was abused by my drunk father, who i still have to see every day. and both my mom and dad say hurtful things about me. my parents always tell me how lucky i am to have a wonderful childhood and lovi… [more]
  • I Hated Being Abused As a Child

    No One Believed Me even my mom. my half sister even told her that my dad hurt her too, and she didnt believe us. it ended up that we both felt alone and started cutting. but we didnt know that we did, because we lost co… [more]
  • I Have the Urge to Self Injure

    Every Single Night... ... I hear the blades calling my name. "give in!" Im not giving least not now. I stare at my bare arms, perfect. Not even a scratch. Why do i loathe that… [more]
  • I Cut My Self

    I Can't Shake This Dreadful Disease. I really do want to stop.But my blades are calling me. i hate harming myself. I do. Its regret, pain, long sleeves, dizzines, and dangerous. " I cant shake this dreadful diesease" or addiction. basica… [more]