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I See Into Other Dimensions

I Discovered There's A Portal In My House. OK, I'm seriously freaking out. I believe in this stuff, but what happened over the weekend has fractured my reality! I believe there are ghosts, entities, demons, & aliens. I kinda always thought the... [more]
  • I Have a Messy House

    Tragedy & Abuse Activated My Hoarding I was surprised to find out that hoarding is a form of obsesive compulsive disorder. It also can be from traumatic events or abuse- Mine is from both. I used to have a perfectly clean and non cluttere… [more]
  • I Love My Pets

    Doggy That Diagnosed Me! My lil chuhuahua and I are so bonded. She does what she can to try and communicate what she wants to me- If her water dish is empty she will nudge it over to me w her nose. If she wants a cracker she … [more]
  • I Know Someone With Cancer

    Fight Cancer SUGAR is a fuel for cancer- cut out all sugar. Don't shower with chlorinated water or water that has flouride in it-A cancer specialist said he would never even wash in water that had either! Take tum… [more]
  • I Have Autism, Aspergers Syndrome to Be Precise

    I think it's awful that I wasn't diagnosed as having aspergers till my late 40s! I'm glad I finally know what's "wrong" just wish I knew sooner, so I could have been treated for it. Everyone just alwa… [more]