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Its Spring break, excited on what'll go down :D

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I Love Reading Books

Has anyone read the Mortal Instruments series? I'm on the 5th book and I am sooo in love with it [more]
  • I Feel Fat

    Heller Well I'm not fat but ya know when I eat I just feel so weak and fat cause I get a bulge I my tummy and I hate. I SO HATE THAT BULGE… [more]
  • I Am a Southerner

    Umm Am I The Only One? Idk if it's weird but I'm from Texas. And no, I am not a cowboy I don't even own a horse , but there r some cowboys in the west. I'm a city blonde I probably would freak out if I was in the west.… [more]
  • I Am Blonde

    I'm A Blonde But I Don't Know How Of course by the title u can tell I'm a blonde. I don't know how tho. My hair color is white I think thats a rare blonde. The the thing that's weird is thet my mom is a brunette and my dad is bald but… [more]
  • I Am In the Closet

    Yup I'm on the verge of coming out. So far I told 4 of my friends 1 of which I have a crush on x3 XD… [more]