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doing a lot of introspection and making sure to smile :)

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I Am a People Watcher

Love To People Watch In All Sorts Of Situations Saw a guy today while waiting for class to start. He was talking to a girl he had just met (they were perfectly within earshot). He stumbled on his words and his body language was all fidgety. It... [more]
freechipsandsuch has shared 11 Mature Experiences
  • I Cut Myself Sometimes

    Recent Relapse I first started cutting when I was a freshman in high school. A girl I met introduced the concept and for a while I couldn't get enough of it. I've used almost everything to cut; knives, glass, my o… [more]
  • I Do Stupid Things When I'm Angry

    Maybe That Wasn't Such A Great Idea Lost a friend bc I punched his boyfriend after a night of drinking. Oh and then I used the concrete wall adjacent to "smash" (doctor's description not mine) a bone in my dominant hand. All over a… [more]
  • I Love Running

    It's Like Time Set Aside For Introspection When I run, I like to work out my life's issues. When I run, I like to tell myself that I am ok. And I love that when I'm running I feel healthy, I feel I can breathe easy for once. I can jog for m… [more]
  • I Love Pokemon

    What Happened To My Games?!?! I've been dying to play Pokemon blue or red lately. But alas, the abyss of time has hidden my copies of these games :( Guess I'll settle for Pokemon Snap for now =/… [more]