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I Love the Ranting Room

I Am Back To Rant Some More. Just want to say my wife is one unbelievable bit¢h. I love her and I hate her with a passion. I really want to beat her like a step child. Kick her like a dog. And toss her out like trash. I want to... [more]
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  • I Love My Wife

    Still Luv Her We been together for many years. Loved her from the first kiss. Even now with the drug addiction the lies the affair I still love her. We had the kind of relationship that made others jelious. I belie… [more]
  • I Love My Wife

    Stupid For Her Love I love my wife so much . Remember the song. "When a man loves a woman" thats how I love her. Even though she is foul mean and lies all the time. In my eyes "she can do no wrong" Iam stupid . Stupid fo… [more]
  • I Love the Ranting Room

    Five Reasons For My Existence As a youth I had the feeling I was born for some special reason. Thought I would discover fire or something or something like that. At age 4, I was mixing house hold products trying to create … [more]
  • I A Sons Love

    Still Miss My Dad My father has been dead for about ten years. Like lots of fathers and sons we watched baseball together. I have not watched a single game since he died. A few days ago I was out with my son.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Met a beautyful woman
    Last night i went out to get something for my wife. While on this trip a woman approched me. She was a bit taller than me with blond hair and the *** like a black woman. I guess my face told a story for she commented on my saddness. She asked me "is she worth the heart ache" i was surprised because i did not think it showed that things are pretty bad. Any how she gave me her number and i said i would call. I have not called but fell like i should because i am not sure if my marrige can be fixed. I will give my wife another chance to prove she still wants us. If she does'nt i guess i will be calling Cheryl.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Am i still iin love?
    I know i love her but am i in love . You should hear how we say i love you to each other. Sounds so fake. Yet we stay togethet. I believe we both are afraid of bring alone. The hassel of dating the crazy people you meet its a mad house. If i left her what would i do with my self. How long would it be before i'd find soneone that would give me that feeling. That feeling we all want. How can i start over when i cant let go. Have loved before but not like this. I'm hooked like a fish. She has been showing me that she still wants us. Her words and actions says so but her eyes, like my eyes say different. We've lost that loving feeling. But still we hang on.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Gluttin for punishment
    Like most with a broken heart I was ready to pleadge never to fall in love again. To live in fear of being hurt. I have very little fear of physical pain why fear emotional pain. In stead I promise my self that as soon as I get out of this mess of a relationship I am in, I will seek out my new love.Why, because nothing beats that new lover efeeling. And in order to get it you have to deal with the break up. Beside I might get lucky and be happy with the next one and forever. It is possible, right ??… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    afraid of love
    Love. I love you. My love. Love you always. Sad to say but I hope I nevet again use such words. Gave love all I had. It turned and bit me in the azz. Love my mom, my kids, my sis and the rest of the fam. Love another woman ? Will avoid that to the best of my abilites. Nevet want to break a heart never want mine to be crushed again. To much selfish people in this world. To many liars, to much bill sh.t. Will dedicate my life to making money. I do love money. Just want to be there for my kids. Will continue to show them all the love I can. But a spouse/ girlfriend no never again.… [more]