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I Love the Ranting Room

I Am Back To Rant Some More. Just want to say my wife is one unbelievable bit¢h. I love her and I hate her with a passion. I really want to beat her like a step child. Kick her like a dog. And toss her out like trash. I want to... [more]
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  • I Love My Wife

    Still Luv Her We been together for many years. Loved her from the first kiss. Even now with the drug addiction the lies the affair I still love her. We had the kind of relationship that made others jelious. I belie… [more]
  • I Love My Wife

    Stupid For Her Love I love my wife so much . Remember the song. "When a man loves a woman" thats how I love her. Even though she is foul mean and lies all the time. In my eyes "she can do no wrong" Iam stupid . Stupid fo… [more]
  • I Love the Ranting Room

    Five Reasons For My Existence As a youth I had the feeling I was born for some special reason. Thought I would discover fire or something or something like that. At age 4, I was mixing house hold products trying to create … [more]
  • I A Sons Love

    Still Miss My Dad My father has been dead for about ten years. Like lots of fathers and sons we watched baseball together. I have not watched a single game since he died. A few days ago I was out with my son.… [more]