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I can't really say much here, besides I am always up for a hug, cuddle, and love. Get to know me and I will show you who I am =))

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I Write Poetry

To Truly Drown In Myself... I pretty much feel so crushed beyond belief right now... Inevitable for much come to be What darkness is consuming me Scarlet vision through inside eyes Break... [more]
  • I Love to Cuddle

    Poem About Cuddling I am writing this as I go. Bear with me: Warmth of sacred touch It makes me feel so loved Creating the feeling you're invincible And you can't be taken from above … [more]
  • I Spend a Lot of Time By Myself

    I Don't Like Being Alone... Forgotten social life I live It seems no more I can give Completely alone, I wonder why... All I can do is lay here and cry Filling my soul with emptiness Like kil… [more]
  • I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

    I Have A Sincere Question.... I was with someone who pretended to love me for 2 whole years... Who does that!? I'm not talking about what she did to me. My real question is: Why would you do that to yourself?… [more]
  • I Am a Romantic

    Imgaine This Scene... This is what I want just about more than anything right now: I'm in bed with someone, stroke their cheek softly and slowly while holding her in my other arm. I lean in and kiss your cheek, say I love … [more]