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A live and let life person. Who like for every one to have their dreams come true. I believe in ethics, freedom. love, and I hate bullies. Respect privacy and give people their space. Thes 11:4.

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I Am Unemployed and Hating It

Unemployed And Hating It All. Wow where can I begin. In 2006 I experienced my first lay off. Every since then it been all down hill. I was on that job only 6 years. It took me 4 months to find my next job. I suffered a... [more]
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  • I Need a Damn Job

    I Need A Job. Anyway I need a job. Am 51 years of age. Am tired of being broke, busted and disgusted. Its time for a change of life. One of a better future not of dispair and hardships. I need victory and not defea… [more]
  • I Wish I Had More Money

    Broke All The Time Am broke all the time and it not a joke. It not funny being wiithout no money. People look at you on the unemployment line and the¬†food stamps line. He's a man so he can work. Why he don't have a job… [more]
  • I Love My Dad

    I Love My Father I think it something special to know your father. A father is a wonderful guy when the chips are down. To know your family is wonderful. A father love is wonderful to have. It the foundation of societ… [more]
  • I Abhor Handguns

    Guns Aren't Good Guns are crazy. They say people kill guns don't. We all know this to be a fact. I just dislike guns. I always wasn't like this about guns. Years ago my parents experience one of the horrific moments i… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    College at 54
    In college at 54 years of age is something I did not expect yet am there. Unemployed and discourage because who is going to hire me after. The feeling of the past many rejection still comes to my mind as quickly as the reaction of the doctor striking my knee. What is a college education for a man of my years in my opinion. It is just a avenue to achieve management. It is the difference of being in the mailroom and management. It  is the difference of being a officer and a enlisted man. Ii is the step of desiring leadership in society. … [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    All this crap and not in the world
    With all the problems and concerns I have it is very surprising that am a person not considered to be in the world.All the unemployment, joblessness, pain, manipulation, framing, hanging and humiliation I've experienced over the manyyears. Am not a person considered in the world.… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    Freedom and Fighting for America
    Recently saw and answered on whether I would fight for this country. Stated That I am a believer in the constitution and the law of the land. The American land, and it people are beautiful. Despite all the heck I experienced as an American. The unemployment, gangs, criminality and the racism still believe this nation is worth defending. I have seen the Klan and been ask by a drug dealer to take this free trip. The free trip so happen to be of heroin. All this before the age of twelve. So what is America for me that it is still a great nation but it is not perfect. Like so many evils in other countries America have it own yet as the old saying goes. Evil can only have victory is good people d… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    God Made Man In His Image
    For those who are deitist and theist. The world tell of a supreme being making man in his image and likeness. Giving him power over the animal kingdom. Well we know that is correct he is given power over all creature. Yet there is no instruction or idea of man shoould posssess power over man. He made man not the doctor, lawyer, politician, police officer, dentist or any person of any occupation. Man made those professions. In instruction all profession are just that  occupations.Whether you believe in a heaven or heck after death. Your occupation and profession is not what is being judged. Every man has a arm, leg, leg, arm and a head. No one is truly superior. Superiority is not of the crea… [more]