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my brain is tired of homework !!!! i wanna eat a ton and be lazy for a week :))) a girl can dream!

I am a student at Kent State! wahoo! :) and i live for my Lord. I try to find the good things in life and i try to do good! but everyone needs a little help along the way

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I Am Learning Arabic

I can not wait to be fluent in Arabic!!!!!!!!! [more]
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  • I Love Nature

    Filled With Wonder theres this wonderful place i like to go to, i sneak on to the realroad tracks. climb up a hill walk across the trussel and down the tracks for a ways then down a steep hill and on the otherside of t… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    lil todd.. bee bee :)
    ive moved around my hole life, when my biological mom had me, we would just pick upo and go, what ever we could fit in the truck is what we took, sometimes things would get hard and we would sleep outside, she would sleep in the back of the truck and me and my sister would set up a tent, sometimes we had nothing more than pickle juice and beer, but it was fun, the experience was nothing short of amazing, from sneaking into hotels, to hitch hiking and the different people we met that shared food from there own hands, i got to see the world in a way that not everyone does. as we were in and out of Texas, i made friends with a boy named john-todd. he was my age, his sister chelsea was my sister… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    this is me, so if you dont like it than be glad that your you.
    when i look in the mirror i see, someone scared and confused. I have low self esteem, i hardly ever do anything right, but yet i know "everything". i want to make something of myself, yet i never finish anything. I keep my heart and mind distant when they need to be open.      I struggle so very hard to be "Christ Like" But watching the people around me, i think i get the best of myself. I want to be someone "new"! I want to be someone that is Humble and understanding. i want to be the girl who is quick to listen and slow to speak, and slow to anger.. I want to know how to handle my peers, loved ones, and friends, i want to make local friends who love the Lord and live for him!!  I want to k… [more]