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I Am There For Anyone Who Wants Me to Be There

I Care. I am here if you ever need my help. I don't believe many people actually mean it when they say so. First favour you ask of them and Poof! They're gone. Nobody really cares or puts much effort into... [more]
frootiee has shared 3 Mature Experiences
  • I Have A Best Friend Of The Opposite Gender

    He's Like My Brother :) You know when you meet someone and you just feel an instant connection to them. That's how i met my best friendĀ … [more]
  • I Become Emotionally Attached Too Easily

    I Really Really Wish Otherwise. It's embarassing to even admit it. I guess it's because I am kind of needy. I mean, if someone messages me one day and chats for a long time via internet or phone and if they don't do the same the nex… [more]
  • I Like Texting

    I Like Texting --> English Language; I Lyk Txtin' --> Sms Language! If someone asked me one thing i wanted to have if i got stranded on some island, a few years back i would have probably said: my iPod or my laptop or something.Now i have only one answer: my cel… [more]
  • I Am In a Controlling Relationship

    Not Sure. Is This Controlling? I met him 3 years back. We have been in a relation for about 2 years now. Before i met him, i had a boyfriend who was also a very special best friend of mine but we broke it off later. And i had a guy… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I wish i hadn't hurt him :(
    So back in school i met this amazing guy. He was total fun to be with, made my dreary life wonderful and then unfortunately for him, he fell in love with me. Before i knew it he was totally head over heels in love with me. He is a very passionate guy, doing nothing by halves. And i was going through a crazy phase and i thought i loved him too. Stupid stupid me. Well, to shorten it i broke it off after a while. Yes, it was cruel, selfish, unforgivable and stupid. I have regretted hurting him atleast a 100 times after that. Well, he had gone off to college after promising me we'll make our long-distance relation work and now i had broken up with him. It came as a blow to him and he spent weeks… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I miss my life
    I miss having a best friend I miss being a kid I miss my laugh I miss my immaturity I miss my innocence I miss being loved.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    We have a study tour planned to a few crappy locations by our batch's tour reps. The places were so crappy that a few of us decided to break off from the main group and go to other places by ourselves. I have photosensitive skin and the places decided by the main group were essentially beaches and stuff so I had no choice but to join the new group. But I had already given the money 4 grand to one tour rep (Mallan). Now as I am not going, I want the money back and asked him and this guy is saying it can't be done and making lame excuses. I know for a fact that it will cost only some for ticket cancellation and hotel room reservation and this guy is acting like I am an idiot. He just wants to … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Consumed by self-hatred
    I hate the fact that I am alive. I hate trying so much and failing. Maybe I am weak. In body and mind. How long am I supposed to hold on till I see the light at the end of the tunnel? Will there even be any? I feel so lost. I can't wait to just be done with college and get the hell out of here. I need some alone time: no friends, no relations. Just me and a long stretch of road ahead of me. I want to walk, walk and walk some more and when I reach the end I want to be a different person. Rejuvenated. Alive. Newborn. I think someone was right about me when they said I complain a lot. It's true, I guess. I never noticed it before now. I keep whining like an annoying dog and expecting sympath… [more]
  • It Takes Only A Moment

    Posted on: December 28th, 2011 at 1:15AM

    You know those days when you feel everything is lost, there is nothing to live for anymore and nobody left to trust your life with? I had plenty of those in the past few weeks. Once again I was reminded of the fact that there should always be a limit to the trust you place on people, the extent to which you are making yourself vulnerable. Tme and again this simple fact has tried to pry my eyes open to that reality but I was blind, all the while. I put my faith always on the wrong friends while neglecting those who really mattered and fought with them for so-sillly-it’s-embarrassing-now reasons. But not anymore. It’s time I put my foot down about te people I let into my life. It’s time to ge… [more]


  • Idyllic

    Posted on: December 28th, 2011 at 11:28PM

    I feel so lazy. And worried. I don’t quite know if it’s the result of endless studying for the past 3 years under the Kerala University, but now i actually get restless if i don’t have anything to study or do. Jeez. It’s a holiday today and i don’t quite have anything to do except be online or watch some movie. Ugh, it’s so damn boring. The funny thing is, i feel quite an overwhelming desire to do the same two things the nearer the exams get and not otherwise! Huh, i must be nuts ;) Well, that is one statement that needs a lot of pondering over and i think i’ll pass that for now. As long as i can remember, my only memories are that of studying. I know, i know, the ideal padipist blah blah… [more]