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I'm a very quiet person unless you get to know me. I'm very shy and don't trust easily after all I've been through. I'm not fit or skinny and I consider myself to be ugly. I wouldn't call myself intelligent, but I love to write and consider myself to be pretty decent at it. Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.

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Horoscope Scorpio
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Books The Hunger Games Trilogy, War and Peace, The Host, The Eragon Trilogy and a few others I can\'t think of at this current time.
Music My all time favorite song is Mad World by Gary Jules. Otherwise, I like a bit of everything.
Movies Kingdom of Heaven, The Hunger Games, Black Hawk Down, Fright Night (2011,) August Rush and a few others I can\'t think of at this moment in time.
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I Have A Wii U

This is honestly the best console I've owned. It's the perfect system for a guy like me who used to be a more serious gamer. But, a lot of the "serious" games just got old with all the toxicity and... [more]
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  • I Am Craving Physical Contact

    Wanting Contact. I don't necessarily just want anything sexual or intimate. When I think of physical contact, I think of holding hands, kissing, snuggling, cuddling, hugging and anything that involves contact between … [more]
  • I Still Play Pokemon

    Pokemon Obsession No lie, I am obsessed with Pokemon still. I have been since it came out when I was a child. Now at the age of 20, almost 21, I am STILL obsessed with Pokemon. I've been watching the show, old and new,… [more]
  • I Desire to Be In An Intimate Relationship

    The Want. First off. I know many people are going to read this and notice that I'm between eighteen and twenty-one or whatever the range is. Most will think I'm arrogant and stupid as they scoff at me posting a… [more]
  • I Am Insecure

    Flaws I don't feel like I'm a real man most of the time due to what people have said. I'm insecure about my looks, my weight and a few other things my ex actually told me. She informed me that she loved tal… [more]