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yes it is I, who did you think it was?

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I Don't Belong

Reflections My story does'nt matter much, its what I've picked up over the years. Just when I think I found an answer, another problem comes along. Most of the time I already know the answer, it becomes apparent... [more]
  • I Value Health

    Health 1 My health is important to me. Don't like to be sick, feeling miserable.How about you? Thru the sport I was involved in, nutrition was a part. So gradually I learned how important supplements were. Thi… [more]
  • I Value Health

    Health 7 Always been involved with excersise. When you know your in good shape, it touches so many other areas in your life. Acually I've lifted weights most of my life, still do. I had a keen interest or pict… [more]
  • I Value Health

    Health 3 Greetings: Good nutrition isn't only about vits., there are other factors. Water is crucial, without water I find myself slowing down , not thinking too clear. Food and water are life, without them we… [more]
  • I The Cultural Mystique

    Our Culture I wanted to write about an incident that occured with another culture,made me realize something. A while back I did some volunteer work, building maintainance, repair work, paid for materials because … [more]