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I Am Human

Narcissistic Unlike most of the people around us who call themselves 'humans', I actually am one. I understand human emotions, sentiments. I know what is the meaning of pain. I know what it feels to lose people or... [more]
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  • I Was Once Infatuated With Someone

    Dunno What I'd Call It.. I met my soulmate in school, it was a golden era. When i actually fell for him, it was like the world changed, I never knew i could fall so easily for someone like him. But i did, my bad. … [more]
  • I Can't Get Close to People

    Needs To Be Improved! I do get close to people, very quickly in fact. People i meet on daily basis, from classes, school. But as soon as I lose touch with them, its like we were never friends before. And I hate small talk.… [more]
  • I Hate People

    'popular' People Everyone else seems so much into each other these days.They comment, behave as if they don't give a care in the world! We are surrounded by hypocrites who are something on your face, and something els… [more]
  • I Want You to Write Five Things You Like About Yourself

    Not Another Self Obsessed Person.. I am in general a very modest person in front of people but then i always know what is good in me. I can be a bit proud of my qualities but thats the way i am! 1. I am a good hearted person- I c… [more]