Male , 22-25
Feeling calm
"Living is not for the weak"

I'm here looking for someone to hang out with that is as interesting as me. Someone that is themselves and isn't afraid to be honest. I like listening to music, my favorite genres are rock. Jazz. Some rap etc etc

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Favorite Quote Life is what you make it
  • a little Bolivian
  • and a little Nicaraguan
  • and 100% American
Vices I smoke, but just occasionally. Not too much.
Politics Very Liberal
Horoscope Cancer
Special day
Books Harry potter, lord of the flies, not really into books
Music System of a down, Coldplay, the strokes, my chemical romance, the artic monkeys, bob marley, old linkin park, any classic rock- acdc, the doors, pink Floyd, led zeppelin, the beatles etc
Movies Dawn of the dead, horror movies, action movies, comedy movies
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I Feel Alone

So I've finally come to accept that I don't care about forming any kind of relationship or keeping them with anyone new. People have come and gone I simply don't care anymore. Most people don't give a... [more]
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