i am grand. i am a hippie. i love.

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  • a little Italian
  • and a little Czech
  • and a little Swedish
  • and a little Polish
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I Love To Gaze Up At The Sky

Big City Star Gazer i live in a big city right by the airport.  we have alot of lights on at night that includes two abandoned car dealerships (they built new ones on othersides of the city, and they leave the lights on... [more]
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  • I Suck At Dating

    I Just Suck At The Starting Dating Part for most of my "grown up" life i was a major pot head.   and that was fine,  it was fun and all that,  but it has lead me to problems with dating.when i used to smoke, all i had to do … [more]
  • I Am For the Death Penalty

    Eye For An Eye Will Leave Us All Blind i don't understand the idea of you killed some one now we will kill me this says that it is illegal for an individual to kill, but it is legal to kill some one if it is done by the … [more]
  • I Own Sugar Gliders

    My Glider Story i got my first glider when i was 19.  My then roommate bought me one instead of paying her share of the rent.  so mine and hers lived together until she moved out.  needless to say a few months lat… [more]
  • I Love Lesbians

    Im A Dude, Shes Into Chicks I Love Lesbians.  Im totally okay with your sexual preference, but i love lesbians.  I mean i find myself attracted to lesbians almost as often as straight girls.  lipsticks, tomboys, butch, whatev… [more]