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I Just Need Someone to Talk to

A Broken Heart who am i ,i ask myself this everyday i cry so much i can have a smiley on my face i'm trap and there's no way out, i cant really talk to my family because they don't understand my pain i'm so sad i... [more]
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    Im Going Mad Every day i wake up and i feel out of this world its like i cant find myself my mind is so blank and hollo… [more]
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    True to your heart
    i have always been a dreamer but lately i have no light in my heart to dream any more i'm loose and i can't find the door i'm looking for me to be free . i have always fight for whats right i'll find the light and fight the darkness that is trying to get me.     your girl gabby… [more]
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    finding myself
    Everyday i wake up and i'm happy but how long can you tell yourself everything is ok when deep down inside you feel like everyone is out to get you and you try to fight but it never helps sometimes i feel like i'm fighting myself and i'm losing a little bit of myself everyday i wish for once i can give up on life, i thing about how people treat me and it sad to know i feel like ending it all i can ask for help because i'm afraid i'm never happy in the place i call home i feel like i'm trap and i want to be free … [more]