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I Have Had Sex With A Ep Member

It Was Hawt so Friday night I met up with a certain hot blonde from EP that lives in my city .. we had a few drinks and then we got it on .. i balled her all night long it was off tha hook!! [more]
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  • I Like Mutual Masturbation

    Its Fun i jerk off with my buds sometimes ... its usually when we are all over at someones house and their parents are out and we are messin around playin video games or whatever and usually we put on some po… [more]
  • I Love Jacking With My Fleshlight

    I Love My Lisa Ann Fleshlight I have a Lisa Ann fleshlight that just rocks my world .. I got the butt hole cause I would luv to **** Lisa Ann in the ***. I really wanna get the Jesse Jane one that would be sic… [more]
  • I Shave My Pubic Hair

    I Do It I shave my pubes .. a big bush is just nasty… [more]
  • I Love Strippers

    A Hawt One my buddy got a ******** on his 18th bday .. she was super hot with big tan ******* .. i tried so hard to bone her but all she let me do was play with her boobs .. i still got wood tho lol… [more]