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I Don't Wear Makeup Anymore

5 Reasons I No Longer Wear Makeup 1. I don't think it will actually have an effect anymore. 2. I have no one to impress. 3. I want to be liked for the way I look. 4. Men don't have to wear makeup to be acceptable. [more]
Gamora has shared 17 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Self Destructive

    I Keep Mucking Up Relationships I can't shut up my brain. And then that gets really loud and so it has to come out of my mouth. I keep destroying my relationships. In an effort to try to avoid this I have become a reclu… [more]
  • I Don't Know If I Want Children

    I Just Feel Too Tired Now I'm 41 years old. Single and looked for a ***** donor for years. Now I don't seem to have any libido left. I seem to have given up. On one hand I feel like a failure as a woman, on the other hand I do… [more]