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I Like Older Women In Sheer Tights And Heels

In my late 20's, my wife and were clearly on our way to marriage, had the decent job and they hired this slutty looking hot divorced blonde woman in her 40's. She wore short dresses, hosiery, tight... [more]
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  • I Gay Sex First Time

    Moving On During my time with my small cocked older friend, my step mother asked where I was spedning the night and with whom. I felt confortable enough and also felt I needed to talk about it, I told her.… [more]
  • I Want To Give Advice To Wanna Be Cuckolds

    I Wish I Never Did This... This is not exactly what happened but much of this story is true. We had gone a bit further in exploring cuckholding, my wife let me wear pantyhose on occasion and realized I liked being … [more]
  • I Want To Give Advice To Wanna Be Cuckolds

    Letting My Wife Have Fun It was 2006. my wife Joy and I had a few drinks and were joking around and she decided we would walk down to a bar in our neighborhood. Joy was trying to figure out what to wear an… [more]
  • I Love Pantyhose, Lingerie, Mini Skirts, Short Dresses

    My Teenage Fantasy Come True If I could go back in time I would do this and I know the exact girl I would ask...… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I feel bad
    I was working at a radio station where rising stars started out. I never made it but many of my co workers went onto multi-million dollar careers.There was a girl who I shall not name who seemed to like me. The feelings were mutual. She was not the star at the station but she was really good (her future proved that).I walked up to her and told her she should be a TV newsanchor. I meant it too...she blushed and told me about her dreams. I rubbed her back..there was her bra ..feeling playful, I unhooked it while having a casual conversation.She glared at me,,,never spoke to me again and rejected my FB requests... We had a nice friendship as two people with the same goals and comman interests..… [more]