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All I want to do right now is die. I want to lay down & never wake up. I don't know how much more I can take. I have no one that cares.
feeling tired
About I'm bipolar that is being managed well the most part with meds. I struggle daily with back pain which I've had multiple surgeries which has made living a normal life a constant battle but to help make up for that I do always try my best to be there for my friends & my family. I consider myself a good person & an even better friend. I'll always be honest even if it means havoc in my life. The truth can sometimes cause pain but if your word isn't worth anything then neither is your self worth. I have big shoulders to cry on & I like knowing my friends & family can always count on me to be there for them. I love EP. I find at times I take long breaks from it but I love knowing it & my circle of friends are always there when I need it & them .
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Member Since Mar 12, 2012
Favorite Quote “Don\'t rush perfection.”
  • 100% American
Vices Coca-Cola
Politics Conservative
Horoscope Taurus
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Books I don\'t read like I used to but I love novels ba<x>sed on vampires.
Music Whatever happens to be speaking to my heart at that moment.
Movies I always love a good comedy. Laughter can always be a great dose of medicine.
Local Time August 4th, 12:21 PM
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