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How about this, I don't really know what i am like. Some people say i am kind and generous. I am quiet in general and keep my self to my self. I am scared of pretty much everything but manage some how to get out in the world and live a life. I am happy, although most people say i look unhappy a lot of the time. I have a loving relationship with a Fantastic man....

Just a few days ago I lost something I have loved for a long time. The very first Porno I ever watched. No longer will i be able to watch Trixi suck the lucky man to climax and see his juice flow down his thick cock... The VHS is chewed up and gone forever.....

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Favorite Quote Popularity breeds contempt!
Vices DVD Pornography
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I Saw the Movie Wall-e

Low Expectations I happened upon Wall-e quite by chance when it was being shown on TV a while back I wasn't sure whether to watch it or not and didn't expect much so my expectations were low. I watched the first few... [more]
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