Female , 26-30
Feeling confident
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions,but they are not entitled to there own facts

a warm and funny lady
finding my feet and happiness in my own body
i love it wen u msg me or comment on my stories

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Music most types depends on mood
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I Will Not Obey You Dear

i will support you hold you love you take your feelings into account i will keep your heart with me and i will love you but ask me to obey you+i will flip... [more]
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    Sorry i am tired of this life now,not just the meaningless sex but more so hurting ppl i love+never meant 2 hurt like this 2many good ppl have been screwed up by my actions,more than i ever care… [more]
  • I Love Paddington Bear

    Please Look After This Bear paddington has been something i have grown up withi used 2 eat marmalade sandwiches as a kid,just 2 be like himi used to have a little mini suitcase with paddington books in it,from my nan… [more]
  • I Love Penny From Big Bang Theory

    Wow she is sassy,sexy+funny i must admit i tingle a little between my legs when she is on screen,lol and she is more restraned than me,i wud hav 2kick sheldons *** she truly must b… [more]
  • I Tried to Kill Myself

    3times not sure where to start,so i will just wade ini have always had a sense of being on the outside of things,even at school being popular+all that sort of stuffi had on several occassions con… [more]