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Some people are just so close minded!!

I am a very outgoing, friendly, lively, spiritual, loving and awesome chic. My name is Gloria but everyone calls me Glo. Hence GeeLo.

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I Love The Walking Dead

I had the pleasure of meeting, working with and partying with many if the cast members of The Walking Dead in March 2014. It has been one if the highlights of my life since I am such a huge fan. [more]
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  • I Love All People No Matter Your Background

    I Love To Learn About All The Different Cultures, Traditions, Ethnicities Etc Of The World. I am a Latin American. I was born and raised in the States but my ancestors are of Latino descent. I am very cultured within the boundaries of my own ethnicity and have embraced my identi… [more]
  • I Am a Mother of a Murdered Son

    My Son Was Killed on January 4, 2010 I welcomed into my heart and soul my beloved son Jovauni on September 25, 1992. We spent an incredible amount of joyous and special moments together that are embedded deep within … [more]
  • I Believe In Ghosts

    I Believe In Ghosts (spirits) Because I Have Seen, Felt And Heard Them! Ever since I was a little girl, I have had the presence of ghosts all around me.  I am not a medium or anything like that. In fact, I am a very spiritual woman. I firmly believe in God and t… [more]
  • I Am a Mother of a Murdered Son

    This Goes Out To Everyone Who Has Ever Experienced The Loss Of A Child. I have read so many accounts of people who have lost a child and I agree that it is by far the worst pain one could ever face in life. I am just so blessed to be surrounded by people who I call A… [more]
  • Missing my son!

    Posted on: March 1st, 2010 at 7:14AM

    Mondays are always hard for me since I lost my son in January. I miss him so much and I am just devestated by this whole situation. I have to go to court tomorrow for the arraigment of the boys who are responsible for my son's death. As much as I am furious at them, I feel sorry for them because they have lost their lives too. I just don't understand what could ever drive these kids to kill one another. There is so much violance in hatred in this world. I only know that I have forgiven them and I will continue to pray for our youth. I will be with my son in heaven one day. Until then, I will hold his memories dear to my heart and keep him alive in Spirit! … [more]