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funny,friendly,easy to get along with..they say i have a great sense of humor too but often misunderstood by others..but it's ok,i'm happy with who i am:)

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I Have a Confession

Ok.This might sound a little unusual or crazy for some but I realy plan to be a single mom soon.Why?It's because I think I'm losing faith in finding partner for life,andĀ  I'm almost 28years old... [more]
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  • I Know Music Has Saved My Life

    Music Is Very Important In My Everyday Life. My mood is based on what music I sing and listen to.I've been broken hearted many times,and my life is like a rollercoaster and so is my feelings..and whenever I feel helpless and hopeless,i sing..… [more]
  • I My Beauty Secrets And How I Struggled To Achieve It

    Finally,A Clogged Pores Pimple Free Face!!!Yey!:)) My face is oily and when I was younger,I have pimples on my face especially on my chick and chin which is really disgusting!My self confidence is very low yet somehow I have pleasant face it's just th… [more]
  • I Hate Valentine's Day

    I Hate Valentine'S Day! Though I'm in a 2year LDRĀ  relationship right now,I still feel bad whenever this day comes,cause it only reminds me that I am alone and that I should be with my love not here.:(… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    Just the thought of getting old alone makes me scared and sad at the same time..I am an only child,my father died when I was a kid,it's just me and mom since then and she never remarried.I am 26 years… [more]