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  • Friends Confessions

    am i bi?
    so i have always had this attraction to hot girls .. but now i have kissed 3 of my friends(girls) and it's not like i dnt like it :S but i've dated guys and i think im truly in love with a guy i was dating soooo wtf? do i just like having fun with girls?… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    i'm sorry, i can't forget about you..
    so yeah, here i am tryig to let all this out i really think i love this guy it all started as a game between my bestfriend(he's a guy) .. i have always been the "hard to get" in my this day i asked my bestfriend to introduce me to hisbestfriend..he told me we weren't gonna click and stuff.. so i took it all as a dare to prove him his bestfriend could like me back.. so then it all started a day they both went to my house.. so we talked and everything and instantly i knew i liked this guy.. we started hanging out and stuff until the day he told me he liked me.. i didnt know what to say so i was just like "stop playing, i dont beleive you" so troughout the days we got to the point w… [more]