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  • Health Confessions

    They always win.
    And it seems like bullies or any other types of people doing the wrong are always believed, always wins, probably because these people have "confidence" and the "headstrong persuasive personality" that everyone seems to follow. Me, being the low, sensitive person, weak person, ALWAYS loses and no one sides with. Also, bullies and other people wrongs are "tolerated" now or people are afraid so they take their side. So it seems like no matter what, I can never convince anyone, stand up for myself. I always lose. … [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Friendship Without Companionship.
    These girls say they care about me and want to help me out, but they do not want to bond with me at all. I see them talk to their friends and interact with them and bond with each other, but socially, they leave me out. They may be nice and say, hey, how are you, but they will never go past that. I just feel wierd sharing my problems on a normal basis with people that do not want to connect (bond) with me personally. I feel more at ease with people that I know and bond with. I don't mind getting advice from people and allowing them to help me, but I cannot allow someone to help me out normally if I do not have a personal relationship with them. I understand there are different levels and typ… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Alien on Earth
    When I was young, I was so angry because I feel like I couldnt communicate with people. Im still angry due to people doing things in my life. My Social Cues were off and they still are. I wasnt up to par on many things and I was behind on a lot of things. I remember I used to poop myself all the time until I was 15-16. I felt like I was placed on Planet Earth and didnt have a clue of whats going on. I didnt feel like an earthling, since I didnt act "normal" or was up to par, I felt like an alien on a foreign planet, trying to figure out things. My life has been a discovery of Earth and how things are. So Im still figuring out stuff. When I was 5 I acted like Im 2 1/2. I still have immature t… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Bad Misunderstanding
    Im having issues releasing some pain and hurt over something that happened three months ago. I have since became friends again with thisperson (for confidentiality reasons, I wont mention his/her name), but the hurt just cannot seem to go away. Long story short, me and this persongot into a bad situation. It was a bad misunderstanding. I thought this person was my close friend, and that we loved each other as friends, but,it turns out we weren't really much at all. It took me by storm. He/she told me that I was his/her best friend, and he/she loved me dearly, so Igot too attached and too obsessed, because I was lonely at the time. Turns out the person didnt really mean anything by it, and he… [more]