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I Can't Take This Pain In My Heart

Today Was The Final And Bitter End- How Do I Make The Pain Stop? For those who have followed my story before you might already know, but for those who haven't in a nutshell, I had an affair with a guy who was already involved but persuaded me right from the... [more]
  • I Had An Affair

    Was Figured Out By Other Party's Partner; Guilt Is Eating Me Up Inside So today the sh** hit the fan, as they say. I feel terrible for the heartache I caused to the other person, even admitedly I wasn't really considering his feelings before I got involved with his partn… [more]
  • I Can't Take This Pain In My Heart

    Nodbody Understands How Much It Hurts People that I have spoken to about what I have been going through this past week just don't understand. They think I'm just a hopeless romantic and tell me that just like I got over it the last time I… [more]