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Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey.

My name is Alex. I love to play vidya games and have a dad who sells propane and propane accessories. No but seriously, I do love to play video games. Any type of game is fine with me as long as I can have fun with it. MMO, rpg, fps, action, adventure, sport, etc... If I find it fun I'll play it.

I like to read fiction books, especially sci-fi books that have strong cyberpunk elements in it. The last book I read that fit this category was called "The Last Book in the Universe". Very good book and I recommend it a bajillion times.

I like to watch anime too. My preference in anime is mostly sci-fi with strong cyberpunk elements in it. Pretty much the exact same as my preference in books, although steam punk anime calls my attention as well.

I used to play guitar, keywords there being "used to". My guitar and equipment fell into a state of despair, however I do have an interest in picking it up again once I have the money to fix my guitar and get new **** for it. I have an interest in learning how to play the cello as well. The cello just ever so slightly beats the guitar for me.

I'm currently studying for my ACT and SAT for college. I have plans to join the military after I get my bachelors.

I can write books simply based on my own personal knowledge and experience with various metaphysical topics, and even more regarding our own minds. If this sort of stuff interests you then you've found the perfect person to talk to about it because damn, I knows a bunch about it.

I am a moderately experienced lucid dreamer.

I sometimes pretend that I am a sponge, some days a banana if I'm feeling crazy.

Slipknot is my all time favorite band.

If you liked what you read and would like to talk to me well then hit the send message button and lets have ourselves a grand old chat.

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Favorite Quote Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
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Books The Last Book in the Universe, Midnight Magic, Good Night Mr. Tom, TRACON.
Music Metal, Numetal, Thrash, Indie Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Scat, Classical, Hardcore, Breakcore, Industrial, Drum&Bass (more attracted to liquid DnB).
Movies The Dark Knight, The Thing (both the 1982 and 2011 version, with a bit more preference to the 1982 version), Harry Potter, Master and Commander, LOTR, K-19: The Widow Maker, U-571, The Hurt Locker.
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