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I Have a Confession

of feeling like im not good enough. of thinking that im its not worth it anymore. of feeling like total crap about myself. of thinking of fat. of thinking im stupid. of thinking im ugly. of feeling... [more]
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  • I Have a Confession

    Lately i have been feeling really angry. to the point where i just start to cry because of how angry i am. and my boyfriend has just been pushing and pushing and he just makes me angrier. we have been… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    i have really never done any thing in high school. never did any sports, no clubs. the only thing really is that i am currently doing a program in youth options to get my license as a CNA. i have also… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    Is it weird that i like to know what everyone thinks. i love to know what it would be like to read minds and be able to know what goes through everyones head. ive asked so many people, "what are you t… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    I feel very alone right now, like i have no one i can trust and talk to. i want that best friend again that will sleep over and we will stay up all night and just laugh at things that arent even funny… [more]