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Qutote from JESUSthe2ndADAM5 Jesus stopped stoning. Showed us how to live Gods law in a complete way, non violent peaceful protest. Jesus brought a full understanding of Gods laws. Man is... [more]
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  • I Have Special Powers

    Ocular Powers We all have ocular powers. It is easy to use them. For example when you are happy your eyes are shining and you can see the true face of many things. And when you are mad you see darknes… [more]
  • I Have Special Powers

    We All Have Many Special Powers But We Dont Want To Use Them One spechial power of every human is his own energy. He can use it in diffret ways.  E.g. A aikido master can throw his enemyes using just his energy. And, there are … [more]
  • I Confess

    No Pleasure In Life ........ The old me said: I confess I feel no pleasure in life nor any enjoyment. I don't have a propose in life and I can't make one because I fear failing it. Everyt… [more]
  • I Understand How A Parent Must Help His Childrens

    My Dear Little 6 Year Old Sister I used to be a very violent child because I was beaten for no reason in my childhood. My father never explained to my why he was beating me. He simply hit me with his fists until got tir… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    My sweet, sweet world, be aware of your distruction!
    In this delicious world it is hard to be a skeleton. Yep, it is because if you think that only the bones are beautiful, then the taste will fall. Sadly, aliens invaded our world and nowadays bones make lone with bones and flesh makes love with flesh. That's so sad because only bones cover with flesh can give life to a strong angel which will save them both. But this sweet-sweet world is so twisted that the sun brings darkness and the moon light. The stars blind  me-a lonely skeleton, and now I am walking and walking. Too much flesh that makes love to another flesh I saw, and now I cannot believe in the creation of the Angel. None can save my bones, for that a terrible sickness destroyed this… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Attacked by demons
    I'll make this very short.I wanted to suicide and hated God. I prayed to Him to let the demons possess me and I called the devils to possess me. One day I awake and couldn't move. I asked for God's help and 1 minute later I fall asleep. Next day, I was awake and suddenly, i couldn't move. I felt a dark presence in the room, and I prayed to God to help me. A dark energy which I saw like a very dark cloud, darker that darkness, possessed me and I fainted. I saw a devil in my dream presented as an Effret. He told me that he could give me anything if i would let him possess me 5 minutes. It was a guy in my dream that accepted and got possessed for all of his life. Then I understood the meaning o… [more]