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I Will Never Quit

I Can't... I can never quit. Because if I quit I am only failing myself and letting others down that depend on me. You either do it or don't. You have to push yourself beyond what you are capable of. You can't... [more]
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  • I Love To Express My Feeling With Poetry

    Deathly Silent I walk slowly on your vacant trails.I take in every mysterious smell.I listen to the forest sing.....then everything goes silent......I lift my head, and stand deathly still.I listen closely to your d… [more]
  • I Love To Express My Feeling With Poetry

    Friends When the darkness consumes you, I'll be there.When the demons come for you, I'll be there.When fire rains down from the heavens, Ill be there.When life beats you, I'll be there.… [more]
  • I Love To Express My Feeling With Poetry

    Unknown Shivering alone on the cold ground. The wind biting at my face. Does anyone care that I am hurt? I try to move but cannot. Is anyone even here? I am sore, alone, and hurt. I don't know where I am or … [more]
  • I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

    Pay Back Time... Pay backs a *****.But coming from me it is living hell.I am sick of hunters and I am sick of humans.I deal with them but I can't take it anymore.They say things to me at school all the time.Now it's p… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I Have Night Terrors
    I have night terrors at night. They plauge my mind with terror and horror. I CANNOT be awaken by anybody at night. Ever. My mom tried to wake me up when I was in a nightmare and I paniced. I almost hit her. I screamed and was shaking violently. I can't stand sleeping anymore. I have weird, scary dreams at night. The every once and a while someone will try to wake me. It is almost dangerous now for people to wake me. It's crazy. I shouldnt be like that. I shouldnt have to do that. Why does that happen to me? I don't know why I am so crazy.....… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I Have Problems That Make My Mom Hate Me.....
    I think my mom hates me. I am the only one to blame. Because of how I am.She just isn't close to me anymore. She thinks I am strange. I will admit I am diffrent but is that any reason to hate your child? I see things sometimes so I stare at the wall or the ceiling. No one else see's them but me. I see things all the time so I drift off and stare at them.She looks at me like I am a mental nut case. I have panic attacks in my sleep. I CANNOT be awaken at night. If someone wakes me by shaking,tapping, or calling my name I flip out. She woke me up last night and I went ape ****. I sat bolt right up and started shaking and started breathing hard and fast. I was completely freaked. So she thinks I… [more]