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I Am A Radio Host

Is The Economy Getting Better? Over the past few months GH Talk Radio has brought up the question, Is our economy getting any better? It seems that question is really divided, some say yes and others are saying no, and what makes... [more]
  • I Remember Where I Was On 9-11

    Our Tribute To 9/11 Radio Show Remembering September 11 2001 is something that we all should take notice about because this marks the 10th anniversary and GH Talk Radio will be having a special three hour show with many different g… [more]
  • I Am Concerned About the Economy

    The Economy / Unemployment / Will We Survive? I am almost sure that everyone here is either out of a job or knows someone that is out of the job, and yet what are we doing at this time in the United States to stop good men and women from being se… [more]