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I Thought Of You Today

....and Everyday Random text from you yesterday has me still thinking about you today. I am still saddened that I could never figure out how to make us work. How could we grow and be happy together with our collective... [more]
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  • I Have Issues With Abandonment

    Trying To Find My Way I am lonley, or uncomfortable being alone. Their was a time when being alone was intolerable to's not quite that bad now....more or less just profoundly lonley. Once my marriage became more … [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Lonley......and Disapointed I am tired of being alone. I am wanting to connect with you, spend time, get to know each other better. Where are you? I look forward to our time together which ends up being only about once a week a… [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    Just Me I have a chemical depression that gets worse on and off from situational stuff. I do what I can to manage myself. I exercise, have a wonderful therapist and yes, I am medicated (for my entire adult li… [more]
  • I Would Rather Be Alone Than Be With the Wrong Person

    I Just Know You Are Not The One. An acquaintance from high school asked if I would have a drink with him. I saw no reason not to and we met a few weeks ago for exactly one drink, some nice conversation and a hug goodbye. Since then… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I have a broken picker :(
    After recently conducting a mental review of my post divorce dating I have come to a few conclusions. Most importantly, I dont think I could pick a man out who could treat me well if he had a neon sign around his neck saying so. I dont consider myself particularly gullable but I have been lied to and decieved a million different ways.  Why is it that my filter is so broken? At work I am able to reasonably decipher who is lying and who is not and in my personal lofe I cant even come close.  What ever happened to integrity???? I dated one man who I liked very much for several months before I suspected he wasnt being entirely truthful...after a little creative investigation I find out he lied a… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Alone time
    How wrong is it that I look forward to my children spending a night with their dad and as soon as they are gone I have no idea what to do with my time? I know, decompress, exercise, tidy up, etc....and then lonley resurfaces and I will just go to my bed and try to sleep to avoid feeling.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I won't do it and you can't make me.....
    I am grown and I will not sort the colors, you are a color or you are white, you all get dried on medium and folded when you get folded!!! I hate matching socks and once or twice a year I throw all the socks in the house away and start fresh. Feels very liberating!… [more]
  • Thanksgiving

    Posted on: November 18th, 2012 at 9:48PM

    Today a small gathering of my family celebrated Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for so many things.  Thankful that my grandma, who turns 85 tomorrow is here with us, thankful that some extended family could be there as well.  I am thankful that we are all working and healthy, our children are all happy and healthy and enjoy each others company.  I am thankful that we are blessed with a great meal and a nice place to have it. As I left our gathering I was thinking to myself.....mostly I am thankful that Thanksgiving is over and I can check it off for another year. My anxiety, about being alone, a single parent, overextended emotionally and having to face my family...its just overwhelming.  It bu… [more]