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I Want You to Ask Me Some Questions

Total Open Book. Whatever you want to ask I will answer, but no identification info, but anything else ask away, I will tell all! [more]
  • I Love Being Very Very Ticklish

    Very Ticklish! :) Hi, This might sound wrong, but anyways... :) I love love love love being tickled alot! Nobody ever really tickled me, until one day I was with a friend, and we were really little, and we … [more]
  • I Write Short Stories

    Forbidden Love. Peeking around the old oak tree, a girl with majestic long black hair streaming down to her waist, with dark eyes, looked upon the old stone manor, the new home of Brent and his wife, Katrina. She war… [more]
  • I Had Crush On Teacher

    Mr.t. I am --- yrs old girlĀ and I haveĀ  a crush on my teacher, his name is Mr.T (most people call him that) and he is exactly 17yrs older than me, he is married (somewhat happily), with a beautiful, … [more]
  • I Love My Teacher

    Last Christmas I Gave You My <3 *after last christmas break i sent my beloved teacher this letter, he told me he loved it and it made him feel so special and appreciated, and if i ever wanted to show him, whatever it was, i could. (… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Atelophobia, My life is falling apart.
     If you are reading this, Thank-You in advance.Atelophobia- the fear of imperfection, well that's me. I never was like this, but now it's struck me how I have a deep and undying longing to be perfect. Yes, I know I've lived a difficult, confusing life, and I didn't really get my life on the right track until I was about 11 years old, when things started shaping up around me, and eventually so did I. I always used to be the one everyone hated, I had few friends, and most of them were younger than me, teachers were always screaming at me constantly about my marks, I was shy, so I never stood up for myself, my life was truly imperfect. But, now it's falling apart and I can't believe what I've b… [more]