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Kinda hard for me to describe myself...but I'm sure when I really get in the swing of writing up stories and experiences you'll get to know me that way. But totally feel free to ask me anything, except to borrow cash, although I might ask so that keep up with my shoe addiction (just kidding).

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I Want to Know Whats With Your User Picture

The Girl In Gray My picture of the white female wearing a gray top and black shorts with her abdomen exposed is not me. So why her picture? It's simple really, I didn't want to use a real picture of... [more]
  • I Love Coffee

    Hello My Name Is ____ And I Am A Coffee Addict I love coffee for more than the rich, bold, mild flavors. More that the nutty aroma. More than the soothing warmth every cup warps you in. I love coffee beacuse it is almost as essential as air. Clear… [more]
  • I Am Not My Avatar

    I Wish I wish I were the girl in my avatar, but I'm not. Wanna know why I picked the picture? Read my other story: EP Link I don't want to change my avatar because of the personal reasons behind … [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    To the person I had a slight confrentation with earlier ( you know who you are) based on the question you asked (could have answered but you know why I can't) you and I seem to have more in common … [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    You keep saying you're gonna drive off a cliff so do it all-ready you stupid b*tch. Because I want to stay home and attempet to do my homework and because I don't want you spending extra money buying … [more]