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Kinda hard for me to describe myself...but I'm sure when I really get in the swing of writing up stories and experiences you'll get to know me that way. But totally feel free to ask me anything, except to borrow cash, although I might ask so that keep up with my shoe addiction (just kidding).

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I Want to Know Whats With Your User Picture

The Girl In Gray My picture of the white female wearing a gray top and black shorts with her abdomen exposed is not me. So why her picture? It's simple really, I didn't want to use a real picture of... [more]
  • I Love Coffee

    Hello My Name Is ____ And I Am A Coffee Addict I love coffee for more than the rich, bold, mild flavors. More that the nutty aroma. More than the soothing warmth every cup warps you in. I love coffee beacuse it is almost as essential as air. Clear… [more]
  • I Am Not My Avatar

    I Wish I wish I were the girl in my avatar, but I'm not. Wanna know why I picked the picture? Read my other story: EP Link I don't want to change my avatar because of the personal reasons behind … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I really feel I was born in the wrong era.I think I would fit in better during the early days, the hunter-gather days. A time when there wasn't all the drama, all seperation and divide over trivial things. Days when survival meant working your *** off, where bonding with others meant really something. Days where the world was a mystery. Days where the earth was still beautiful and living.I long for the first time machine to be built, first chance I get I'm heading back to those days and giving this world the finger.… [more]
  • School Confessions

    Hopeless Failure
    I wish I didn't care if I failed. It's painfully clear that I don't have the same excitment about my school work as I did coming in to university. Even though my grades have imporved the feeling isn't the same. I used to try because I wanted to do well and I wanted to be better. Now, I don't even try at all. Right now I'm supposed to be reading 2 articles and writing discussion questions on I doing it? No. I'm also leading the discussion in class tomorrow at 9am...I don't want to do the assignment; I don't care anymore.But then the painful reality sets in: if I fail now my already low chance of getting into either grad program I'm planning on applying to decreases even more. If tha… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Drive off a cliff B*TCH!
    You keep saying you're gonna drive off a cliff so do it all-ready you stupid b*tch. Because I want to stay home and attempet to do my homework and because I don't want you spending extra money buying me food that I'm not gonna eat because I'm not hungry you're gonna go and say "I might as well through myself off a cliff then" THEN F*CKING DO IT!!!! I don't give a sh*t you psychotic stupid b*tch! I'm sick of hearing you say that as if it's a threat. I pry you do through yourself off a cliff, that why I won't have to listen your irritating voice any more or look at your ugly-*** face.Peace b*tch!P.S. please die and go to hell and take your no goo-poor-*** excusse for a husband with you.… [more]
  • School Confessions

    Checked Out
    I have offically checked out of my psych class. I thought I'd feel better about it but I just feel like crap. I have a ten page paper due in about 13 hours and I only have maybe four pages of it done. I don't want ot finish it. I don't want to hand anything in. I don't care about the class and the professor can kiss my @ss. So why this feeling of dread and worry? Have all the years of hearing others blaber on about how one little mistake, one missed assignment, will forever ruin my life finally gotten to me? Has the world finally succeded in making me an obessed nuerotic?I think I really am afraid that thos one class will be the end of my world. If I don't do the assignment and thusly fail t… [more]