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Im bubberly and love giving advice to people, i never take my own which gets me into messes but i have lots of friends and family to help with my mistakes..I have a nappy fetish and love to be treated alot younger then i am .. :)

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I Wear Dresses and Skirts

Sexying It Okay so we can all be little flirters that really flaunt our stuff! &I love doing that, when i was in year 9 i would wear a short skirt and heels and make myself not look s*utty but pretty and... [more]
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  • I M A Teen Girl And Want To Be Treated Like A Little Girl

    A Weird Fetish! Its been about a year since ive been thinking about my fetish and craving it desbritly!!If you have looked at my page then youll know about me &what i want ..i want to be treated like a baby or … [more]
  • I Hate My Boyfriend

    Its Complicated! I hate him i love him i hate him i love him!! reasons why i love him 1. He sometimes treats me like a baby-or his daughter (something im into) 2. He looks after me- He is responsible… [more]
  • I Still Have Feelings For Someone Who Has Broken My Heart

    First Love We got on really well and ive another story how we met but im just going to talk about what happend yesterday...5th march 2011. We had an argument because of my attitude. Again. &we almost broke up bu… [more]
  • I Am A New Submissive In Training

    First Day If you have read some of my other storys you will understand me and my boyfriend are happily together and almost a year of happiness... but a few arguments too because of my attitude and i do ad… [more]