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I Had A Dream

Again I had dream , dreaming of my youngest sister of getting engaged which is chosen by my parents ,she's still 17 years old , not even finishing her exam but they already accepted the guy parents... [more]
  • I Miss My Ex

    I'M Missing My Ex Boyfriend It's been 5 months now since we broke up and I am really missing him. I still keep his contact number I won't lost track of him , just yesterday I saw his new picture he put on his whatsapp's profile … [more]
  • I Love To Travel Anywhere, Any Time

    The Thought Of Travelling Make Me Feel Alive!!! For me the thought of travelling make me alive because I feel like I have purpose of working other than for my foods, as before the day came, I will cut my expenses , save money for travelling so that… [more]
  • I Am a Widow of 4 Years

    It had been 4 years and 4 months now since u gone but still there was a moment that my tears will rolling down when I remember u honey.. Yes I have moved on but I don't know why our mome… [more]
  • I Feel Like Crying Everyday

    I am now in a relationship with this guy , but I don't know what went wrong I couldn't love him 100% . The love always goes down , whenever we have fight or argument the will love will go down till 0%… [more]